OLIVE SEED FOUNDATION: setting up libraries to empower the youth to make the world more peaceful and sustainable


The olive seed foundation has one major mission and that is to

To inspire the next generation to be critical thinkers and ethical change makers both globally and in their communities

The olive seed foundation works hard to achieve it’s mission by setting new libraries in communities and schools as well as funding libraries.

Traditionally in Kenya the olive seeds we’re used as medicine to cure not more than one disease hence boosting the immune stystem of the people and making people strong The olive is used as medicine even up to date.

And so is the olive seed foundation that strengthens the minds of the youth through reading and adding knowledge thus creating strong foundations, and naturing talents among the youth as result of the impact of reading and understanding

As we know reading involves understanding a written language and responding to the authors message. Therefore when one is reading, one is thinking, predicting, questioning, evaluating and defining and re defining at the same time.

It’s is said that if you want to hide anything from a kenyan, put it in a book.

Why is it so????????? It is because the reading culture in Kenya is very poor and you ask yourself ” why is the reading culture in Kenya very poor”

Maybe Sometimes it’s because of ignorance, people prefer doing other things apart from reading, but sometimes we lack the reading materials or they are in adequate.

On the months of March and April 2019, the olive seed foundation took special interest to establish a library in Mara Leadership girls that would be accessed by the entire community.

On the 15th of April, barbra(oliveseed foundation), jack (active conservation), joy (active conservation) prince Harris (olive seed foundation $ friends of Masai mara) mercy (wildlife clubs of Kenya) molline (head mistress Mara leadership) did our final shopping of books at the book center in galleria that were to be ferried to Masai Mara for the launching of the library.

The launching was successful and now the community at talek including other school can have access to book of various categories including

1. Conservation books

2. Kenyan curriculum books including setbooks

3. Swahili story book

4. Wildlife books

5. Field guide books

6. Inspiration books( several authors

7. Comic books

8. Religious books

9. Art books

10. Geometrical sets

By setting up of this library. It will indeed boost the reading culture in Kenya as well as add knowledge to the youth in Kenya in making the world peaceful and sustainable

Special thanks to

Olive seed foundation.

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